Here is a list of our current offerings. Please contact us for more info or to schedule a session.


Mediation / Conflict Resolution

Basic Rate for Couples or 2 person sessions: $100/ hour

      *Please ask us about rates for mediating for small groups

Relationship & Intimacy Coaching 

            Single Rate $80/hr ; Couples Coaching $100/hr

Facilitation and Workshops

   Please contact us, rates for larger group offerings depend on many factors. Our base rate is $300 for a half-day workshop (4 hours) for 10 participants. And, we tailor to our clients needs, so please talk to us. We have worked with non-profits and communities with low funding to meet their needs by offering them our services at a discounted rate.


(see Testimonials Page)

"My sweetheart and I had sat with a couple of different traditional counselors before we sat with Roberto. Though each person we met with brought their own gifts and skills, I found Roberto’s perspective to be fresh and boldly honest while still being unquestionably caring and respectful. Rather than look at the two of us and focusing only on our personal contributions to undesirable experiences within the relationship, Roberto helped me to see the relationship as being its own entity made up of the accumulation of patterns, behaviors, and experiences that the two of us contributed to. His insight and suggestions were different than I had heard before and supported my sweetheart and I in taking steps to break patterns in our relationship without the need to blame, change or “heal” either of us. That being said, in pursuing new relationship patterns that were more supportive, we both found ourselves individually changing and growing. The growth we experienced paired with Roberto’s insight and guidance empowered us make some painful and scary decisions that led us into a new form of relationship that is more authentic, honest and liberating for both of us. "

- Anonymous


" I have had few teachers in my life who were as integrally, holistically, and masterfully multi-disciplinary as Roberto. He has a keen grasp of the idea that how you do anything is how you do everything, and his approach touches all aspects of being human in this blessed and broken modern world we live in. He's been many things to me, a life and relationship coach, a dance and martial arts instructor, a co-community builder, and a friend. No matter what I learn from him, I also learn more about myself.

Marta's commitment to integrity and transformation is a constant source of inspiration for me. As a councilor, the vulnerability and authenticity of her sharing and council makes it impossible not to gain insight and compassion into myself, my situation, and the people I'm in relationship with. She naturally builds community around her through the care and service she brings to the people in her life. Combined with her pragmatism and dedication to being useful, she is a powerful teacher, caregiver, organizer, and a loyal and caring friend.

Marta and Roberto are a dynamic duo who bring authenticity, fun, wisdom, and a complimentary skill set to the people they teach, the lives they touch, and the communities they build. They are a source of and force for loving empowerment in any group or project they're involved with. "

Sky Blue
Former Executive Director, Foundation for Intentional Community


  • Life Coaching (Local and Distance Sessions Available)
  • Relationship & Intimacy Coaching (Local and Distance Sessions Available)
  • Body-Mind Health Training (see Dancing Dojo)
  • Facilitation and Conflict-resolution for small and medium-sized groups
  • Transparency & Intimacy Building Group Trainings
  • Weddings: “The Marriage Path” course & Officiating services