Workshop Offerings

We present workshops for many audiences and in diverse contexts. From informal getherings at your home with friends, to large events across the country, we'll come share our skills. We offer a few workshops a year in Eugene, Oregon at our home location and are available for bookings throughout the year around the world.

NWP has presented at large events like Network For New Culture Summer Camp in Oregon, at established communities like Twin Oaks Community in Virginia and Ganas Community in New York, as well as for the general public at venues such as Golden Drum Cultural Center in New York City, and at our home location in Eugene, Oregon. If you're interested in having us come teach near you, please contact us at .

Heart Dialogues: Compassionate and Radical Communication

One key to compassionate communication is practicing listening with a fearless heart and an open and curious mind. Another key is to practice expressing what is essential about your experience and your desires. A third key is practicing radical collaboration. We all have the potential to engage in these practices successfully. This workshop offers you new ways to think about your interactions and exercises that will quickly move you towards greater connection, self-expression,  and co-creative manifestation.

Heart Dialogues: Compassionate and Radical Communication for Intimates

Most on-going intimate relationships have topics or issues that are “hot spots” or “taboo” or just troublesome to talk about directly.  Utilizing the communication maps and skills we learned in Heart Dialogues: Compassionate and Radical Communication, we will delve into the complex issues encountered in our intimate relationships.   We will distinguish between the issues that are “ripe” for dialogue and those that need more preliminary attention before they can be fully addressed. Participants will create a safe and confidential context in which to put these skills into practice.

Transparency Tools for Building Connection & Intimacy in Groups

Small groups, be they a partnership of two people or a project team of 8 or 10, benefit from a greater sense of understanding and connection. The tools offered in this workshop seem to have the greatest impact on groups that interact regularly over time.  Whether the objectives of the pair/group are increased intimacy, team-building, or the completion of a team’s project or goal, we find that when we mix together self-revelation, curiosity, inquiry, active listening, and supportive challenges we create increased understanding, empathy, and connection. With these in place, the group moves toward greater harmony and cooperation.

The exercises and games we offer support individual autonomy when sharing information (or not) while the group builds a trusting context leading towards greater group cohesion.  Participants will also learn language forms that foster honest and self-responsible communication.

This workshop is great for pre-existing groups or group representatives that want to introduce these ideas into their group process.

Keeping Love Alive: Relationship Tools for new friends, lovers and seasoned partnerships

What kills loving relationships? What keeps them alive and thriving? What qualities do new relationships have that fade over time? Come explore the interpersonal patterns that make and break relationships. We will try on some new ideas and take away skills that will challenge and empower you to keep the love alive in your relationships.


Spiral Intimacy: Physical Contact, Movement, and the Art of Relating Deeply

Intimacy implies closeness. The closer we get, the more we are known and felt. More intimacy allows for more depth and complexity, and perhaps more vulnerability.  At that level, our capacity with words soon reaches its limit.  On the other hand, our bodies express themselves in a simpler language that is easier to understand, particularly when words are not adequate. Our  human animal bodies express both an honesty and a wisdom that often eludes our mental/verbal expressions.
Bringing our body/minds into contact in the context of Tai Chi Partner Energy Play allows us not only to discover a non-verbal understanding of our inner worlds,  it also provides us with a vehicle to shift our energy  to a more harmonious state and to have fun.  Come learn how to combine the Tai Chi principles (balance, contact, centering, and yielding) with your full-spectrum, playful, animal self  that will provide you with a way of relating and communicating with your whole body/mind and, by doing so, increase harmony and understanding in your intimate connections.


Tribal Rize : Growing your Inner and Outer Community
Half or One Day Workshop or Six-week ongoing class once a week.

Tribal Rize activates our imagination and all of our creative tools to expand our experience of connectedness to our inner and outer worlds. Explore and give expression to your inner "community of selves" as well as to the community of unseen beings around you .  Come play with movement, dance, music, theater games, and interactive exercises We will go on a journey to engage with several archetypal characters of our inner community, discovering what they have to say to us and enlisting their help in co-creating the new worlds we want to inhabit.


Spiral Unlocking™ : the dance of East meets South

Spiral Unlocking™ is a body/mind practice that accesses the body’s resilience and capacity to move easefully and playfully through space. We have simplified and integrated some treasures found in Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Taoist Yoga, and Latin Dance into a package that honors those that came before us and offers something fun and accessible to others. This is a low-impact and high-fun practice. Come move in ways that facilitate decompression, increased mobility & strength, vitality, and emotional well-being.

Wild Man's Spiritual Training Circle  ~ Led by Roberto Rodriguez

Since ancient times there have always been young wild men, spiritual wild men.  These men grew in power by befriending their own, true, wild natures. They sought to  learn how to align themselves, their own power, with the tremendous power they found in "big" nature. They did this by cultivating their deep listening, by expanding their heart's capacity to hold the world, by strengthening their bodies, and freeing their minds.  They could not be bought because they were full/satisfied/spiritually rich. They could not be frightened because they clung to nothing. They moved in the company of other wild beings.

Come participate in a private, focused group once a month to receive guidance and training on your way to a powerful, healthy expression of the wild man in your world. Groups are limited to 8 people and meet once a month for 3 hours. One year commitment required.  Ages 18-35. More Info Here .