Who We Are

Roberto Rodriguez

Roberto Rodriguez is a formally trained educator, teaching since 1985, with a passion for experiential learning processes. He loves bringing people together for hands-on dynamic interactions, to help them discover new possibilities in themselves and the way they live.

Roberto has a strong interest in creating community and began facilitating intimacy and community-building workshops in 2001. He assists people in integrating body, mind and spirit to express their creative potential, in order to reach greater harmony within themselves and their communities. He has successfully helped many communities to thrive, living more powerfully toward his objective of “deep loving friendship”.

Roberto is passionate about movement and dance and is a Master of the Movement Vitality Arts such as Tai Chi, Chi Gong, Spiral Unlocking™, as well as Latin Partner Dance. He has been teaching as a black belt martial arts instructor ever since he was 16. He now teaches internationally, inspiring many with his relaxed and enthusiastic approach.

Marta Gradilone Rodriguez

Marta discovered the world of New Culture while attending a permaculture intensive at La’akea community in 2006. She fell in love with intentional communities, the practices of transparency, NVC, and intimacy-building in groups and relishes in engaging in and sharing these with others. She has been co-leading workshops with Roberto since 2009 and is passionate about relationships, self-responsibility, and empowering others to become agents of change for a healthier & more loving world.

"Marta and Roberto. In the future, I hope that saying those two names together will be enough to turn heads and cause a ripple of excitement through any who hear their names uttered. Typically I dread parties, gatherings or workshops because I get the sense that no one really sees me, perhaps because they are busy trying to reveal only a small perfected sliver of themselves. With groups and sessions led by Roberto and Marta, I am thrilled with the experience of authentic connection - both entertaining and edgy. They are Agents of the Real - an opportunity for us lean into more of what we all want -- Love."

Alara Tiernan, Santa Cruz, Intimacy Coach